Growing creators (part 3 - How much we learn from learning activities )

Now that we know the steps of learning and the tools to reinforce learning, we can also have a look at the ways we can learn and how much we learn from the different learning activities. (note: the exact numbers and e.g. the order of listening and reading are still a point of many debates but the pyramid below gives a good indication which ways of learning are more effective.)

Growing creators (part 1 - The steps of learning)

Are your children using their computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone and the Internet most of the time in a passive way? Like watching videos, playing games, listening to music and consuming other entertainment.

It’s just normal. It’s an easy way for children to show this behavior when they don’t know the tools and don’t have the skills to create things themselves.

To be able to change the behavior of children from passive consumers to active creators we need to understand more about learning before we can come up with solutions.