As COVID-19 is spreading around the world, the question is, when will our city/province/country have its peak. We all follow the news and updates continuously. To limit travel and possible exposure we hereby as a precaution suspend the stardust sessions, the summer classes and the regular classes till further notice. We do our best to be as informed as possible on the corona virus outbreak. In the meantime we use our time to improve our courses and create new ones.

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Sarah Blaauw

Impact Hackathon incubation to come next year Dec 6 2019

They are never too young to conquer, still can't imagine competing with Phd, with lawyers, LGU's and Startups.

Yes they are ready to learn and learn more. Can never under estimate young learners and innovators, they are the youngest competitors. And yes out of 28 national teams they are on top 5. Amazing journey.

Incubation period is on its way and they become a start up after 1 year. Thank you Impact Hub for believing this young ones that they too CAN.

Impact Hackathon Finals Manila day 2 Nov 19 2019

The big day!!!

Critical thinking, strategic ideas and more for the future!! Yes, we are in the TOP 15!!!

All participating teams from Bacolod and Ilo-ilo are in the TOP 15. 4th to pitch for Final!

Out of top 15, Crimera team is no. 5. Can only say wow, and thanks to impact hub for this opportunity, experience and learning.

Learning the practical way is all what counts.

Thank you Ces and Diego and all the other organizers for doing this for our country.

Salute to all of you!