Growing creators (part 3 - How much we learn from learning activities )

Now that we know the steps of learning and the tools to reinforce learning, we can also have a look at the ways we can learn and how much we learn from the different learning activities. (note: the exact numbers and e.g. the order of listening and reading are still a point of many debates but the pyramid below gives a good indication which ways of learning are more effective.)

How much we learn from learning activities

Learning Pyramid


Lecture: Listening to a teacher

Reading: Reading a book

Audio Visual: Looking at pictures, a video tutorial

Demonstration: Watching demonstrations, Exhibits

Discussion Group: Participating in a discussion, Explaining your opinion and ideas

Practice by Doing: Participating in hands-on workshops, simulating the real experience

Teach Others: Performing a presentation, doing the real thing

The pyramid shows that the average retention rates are much better compared to the average rentention reates with passive learning. We should thereforre focus more on active learning

Can you come up with the most efficient ways to become an expert swimmer, programmer, painter, architect, etc?

In the next post we will look further into passive and active learning.