As COVID-19 is spreading around the world, the question is, when will our city/province/country have its peak. We all follow the news and updates continuously. To limit travel and possible exposure we hereby as a precaution suspend the stardust sessions, the summer classes and the regular classes till further notice. We do our best to be as informed as possible on the corona virus outbreak. In the meantime we use our time to improve our courses and create new ones.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sarah Blaauw

Crime buster team arrived at Impact Hub Manila. Meeting the other 28 finalist teams from all over the Philippines.

Pitch Training and later in the evening pitching for a spot in the Top 15.

Husband-and-wife tandem Philip and Sarah Blaauw of team Dengue Fighter aim to eradicate the mosquito-borne disease in Bacolod city with their proposed system codename: DengueNoMore. Philip, a former veteran software engineer is the hacker of team, and Sarah, a former agriculturist is the hustler.

The hacker, and hustler represent traditional ‘roles’ within a start-up team (where the hacker is the coder/developer, and a hustler is the business development person).

After our successful first year of Kids can Code classes we are happy to announce that we will offer again the regular Kids can Code classes during the school year 2018-2019. 

During the regular Kids can Code classes, we have the following activities for the students.

The students created an animated story together and presented the animated story to their parents.

Certificates of recognition were given.


Recycle and Donate

Your donated electronic/computer device will be used to teach children about electronics during the Kids can Code Programming and Electronics classes.

Students successfuly finished the drawing with code sessions and certificates of recognition where given.

The students presented their projects to their parents.

Several student successfuly finished the drawing with code sessions and presented their projects to their parents.

Afterwards certificates of regocnition where given.

Creating a game during the gaming introduction sessions

Students working on their drawing with code programs using their basic skills of computer programming using functions and loops.

New batches started August 2017