Growing creators (part 2 - The tools to reinforce learning)

In the previous post we learned about the steps of learning and the skills needed. In this post we will have a look at the tools to use in each step.

The tools to reinforce learning

blooms revised taxonomy

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy ​

Creating: Create a story, write an essay, create a game

Evaluating: survey, ask for feedback, run a test

Analyzing: question what is happening, breaking problems down,

Applying: create a process, practice

Understanding: create an analogy, participating in cooperative learning, taking notes, storytelling, Internet search

Remembering: book marking, flash cards, rote learning based on repetition, reading

For each step in the learning process there are certain tools which can be used to reinforce the goal of the learning step. If we want to remember e.g. a list of words in another language we can use flash cards and repetition. If we want to understand the words we can search for e.g. synonyms or a description of the words and finding sentences where the words are used. Applying the words in e.g. and story or a conversation, analyzing words where they come from and evaluating the best words to use in the story will further improve the retention of the words learned. With gaining more practice and using the knowledge learned we will be able to create our own new things.

Can you come up with the learning that needs to be done to become an expert swimmer, programmer, painter, architect, etc?

Now that we know the steps of learning and the tools to reinforce learning, we can also have a look at the ways we can learn and how much we learn from the different learning activities. This will be the topic of the next blog post.